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Fixing agent for cotton with reactive/directive dyestuff, is an polyethylene polyamine dyeing fastness renforcing agent. Not only with less using quantity, but also perfect dye-fixing effect. It can reduce chlorination fastness of reactive dyes and dye material light fastness. It do not include formaldehyde, comply with Europe eco-friendly requirements.




Yellowish Brown liquid

Main Ingredient

Polyamine Inductor

PH(1% dilution)


Ionic nature



Easy to dissolve into cold water

Solid content




1.      With good wetting fastness to direct and active dye material for dye textile.

2.      Not including formaldehyde, so wont sustain the harm which related to formaldehyde.

3.      Little effect to textile color shade.

4.      Few using amount, and good fixing color effect, lead to high economic.

5.      Strong salt endurance, great compatibility with other auxilary, so using with cation ion softener in one bath.



1. Dip fixing process: dosage 1-3% o.w.f.

   2. Tie fixing process: dosage, 5-20g/l


Shelf life: 12 months



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